Jason "J"  D'anna

Owner - Head Chef

Through my Mentors, passion and travels I have developed a philosophy in how ingredients should be gathered, prepared and presented. The purest most natural form of a product, the simplicity in preparation methods and preserving the flavors, colours and textures in their most common forms to truly experience and recognize the passion of a dish.

Brett "BUDDHA" Howson

Owner - Head Chef

Basically I cook from my heart. I make the food I want to eat and share with friends. It’s just Simple Canadian food. We cook food that you recognize, that makes you feel good, and satisfied, and full. Driven by the seasons and local markets, the food is inspired by the bounty of Canada and cooked with passion.

Saveka "Sav's" Hariprashad

Baker - Pastry Chef

I enjoy what I do, so it doesn't feel like work. All natural, fresh, local and delicious. It's simple elegance. Taste and flavour comes first,. No compromise!

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